Blogging Tips for Stitchers

Here are just a few things to consider when blogging.
1. Appearance.  The visual style is important, very important.  But it's always better to go with a simple style than one with lots of graphics and excessive style elements.  You don't want too much or it will detract from the main reason to visit: your photo entries and writing.  Also, it's important to remember that plenty of people still use dial-ups and too many pictures make things really slow.

2.  Gadgets.  Consider these carefully too.  They all need to be loaded and can slow your blog down tremendously.  Some bloggers out there have music playing.  Don't put them on your blog.  They slow it down, and there are plenty of people who come to your site at work.  It's quite a surprise to all of a sudden hear some music blaring out of the speakers.  So just don't.

3.  What to write!  Most important, of course.  It's generally best to keep your blog on a given topic.  Of course, that doesn't mean you can never take little side trips.  Just keep in mind that plenty of visitors come to read about just that topic and lose a bit of interest when too many posts are about something else.

Be passionate about your subject and work to convey that passion.  Pretend your readers are good friends that have infinite patience and infinite interest in whatever your subject is.  They want to know the details.  They find it all interesting.  Try to show your readers your excitement about your subject.

Your blog is your place to say whatever and how much ever you like about your subject.  Take advantage of this opportunity.  Make it personal.  People respond to that.  Let them get to know a bit about you.

Tell your readers a story!  Many successful bloggers manage to turn whatever they write about into a little story of sorts.  This really makes for interesting reading.  Some people are naturals at it, but it just takes a bit of creativity and practice to become better at it.

Inform others.  Information is always useful.  It's easy to feel like there is no need to say things that may be available in other places, but don't let that stop you.  Your readers don't have infinite time to surf the web, so it can be quite useful to get useful information at a place you visit regularly.

Other things to consider when writing...  Try to use good grammar and spelling.  It makes it far quicker and easier to read.  Avoid long paragraphs.  Remember this is the internet, there is no shortage of things to distract your visitors, so try not to overwhelm them with long, uninterrupted essays. 

4. Photos.  This is extremely important in a blog.  It's hard to have a good blog without them.  Post your best pictures.  Try to avoid the dark, blurry ones if you can.  Those are hard for the reader to appreciate.  Other stitchers and fiber crafters LOVE the eye candy.  Make sure to add a few close-ups too. If you make posts with lots of pictures, make sure that only 5-8 blog entries are shown per page or the loading may become very slow.

5. How often to post?  That depends on your schedule.  More posts are better if you want to get some traffic.  Otherwise find a schedule that you can keep up with.  A few times a week is good pace for many.

6. Pictures of the kids.  It's become far more acceptable these days to post pictures of small children, but it's still better to avoid it.  Protecting them is your number one responsibility, so it's better to be on the safe side and just keep them private.

7. Blog burnout.  It happens to just about every blogger.  They just need a break.  Don't be afraid to do it if you need time away.  It's nice to inform your readers that you are planning to be away for awhile, so they don't wonder what happened.  Blogs are supposed to be fun, give yourself a break if it becomes like work or adds a bunch of stress to your life.